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The Summary of A Life

Dickens Plumbing, Inc. is proud to be a local company that provides quality service, but if you know us, you know it goes so much deeper than that. Each business has a story, and the man behind our story is Lance Dickens. If you ask him though, he'll credit his dad, Paul, with his success. We are sad to have recently had to say goodbye to Paul after a long illness and hard-fought battle. His passing, and writing a tribute for him, has forced us to contemplate how you summarize a life well lived. We think we finally found the answer. 

You don't. 

There is no way to adequately summarize the 78 years that Paul lived. In fact, we don't need to, because in a way, he'll never be gone since he lives on in the lives of his much-loved children and grandchildren. He valued hard work, and instilled a strong work ethic in each of his children. His own work history included picking fruit before moving on to Homes of Merit for 27 years, and while he was always thankful for the ability to work hard, if you asked him what really mattered in life, he'd tell you: 

"Spend time with your family. When they're gone, they're gone." 

Paul's family was the highlight and focus of his life, although he'd never turn down a good day of fishing or heading out into the woods to hunt. "Things" weren't important, and he could likely narrow down his important objects to fit into one suitcase. He was a straight-laced, honest man who lived a simple life, but left behind a long-lasting legacy. Lance was often told by his dad, "Go after your dreams. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something. If you don’t try you’ve already failed. Don't give up, and don't be scared of anything...and remember to take care of your family." This advice left an impression on his son that will live on through each of his children, his grandchildren, and their endeavors. We are thankful to have had the opportunity to know and love him, and hope to represent him well as we move forward. 

We will always miss you!

In Memory of Paul Dickens, 05/20/1940 - 7/10/2018 

A Job Well Done: Why Dickens Plumbing Should Be Your First Choice

Plumbing problems are notoriously disruptive to a household, since living without water and/or your toilet, shower, etc. leaves you unable to take care of basic needs. When you are left high and dry (literally) and are facing plumbing problems of any kind, the last thing you want to do is fumble through Google, or an ancient phone book, to hunt down a local plumber who offers emergency service or specializes in bathroom leaks. You want to know you have someone to call who will do the job the right way, the first time, and actually cares about clients and their needs. That's where we come in. 

Dickens Plumbing would like to be your go-to call when plumbing problems arise. Why should you trust us? 

Same Day Estimates

Before we begin work, we can evaluate your situation and give you an estimate of approximate cost for labor and materials. Same day estimates mean you'll be on your way to a fully-functioning household faster. 

Professional Service

Dickens Plumbing is fully licensed and insured, so you know you are getting quality, professional work. Using a licensed plumber is important if you are making insurance claims, and we will work with you and your coverage provider to get your plumbing up and running quickly, efficiently, and affordably. 


Large, corporate companies might be flashy, but they rarely offer customized or personal service. Additionally, their prices tend to be higher since their "name" costs more. When your plumbing is out, you don't want to pay for a name, you want to pay for someone to fix the problem the right way! We are local, and we consider fellow residents in and around the Polk County area to be our neighbors and friends. We want to offer the best possible service and quality of work so you are happy with your results. We live here, we work here, and our reputation depends on fellow locals. 

If you're facing a plumbing problem, or if you have one in the future, you know who to call.  We are ready to tackle a leak, a faulty pipe, or even a broken faucet. Put our number at the top of your list! 

Out of Luck: Risk of Hiring An Unlicensed Contractor


As St. Patty's day approaches, luck is on everyone's mind.  While we can't promise you a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, Dickens Plumbing CAN promise you top-quality service for your home renovation and repair needs.  However, DIY projects abound in today's world, and thanks to YouTube, Pinterest, and other online platforms, people assume they can handle projects of all shapes and sizes, from overhauling a bathroom to completely gutting and renovating a kitchen.  While there are people perfectly capable of taking on these difficult projects, the majority of consumers are not skilled in some of the work that is required to safely complete the space.  Not only are they putting their own safety at risk during the project, but they are also putting others at risk who will be utilizing the space afterward. 

That's where the idea of licensed business and individuals come in.  Whether you're hiring a plumber, an electrician, or a full-scale contractor it's vital to check their licensing information to know you are getting the very best quality of work, and protection in the event that something goes wrong.  Failing to do so means you could be out of luck in the worst way possible. 

Why is it so important to make sure you are hiring licensed professionals? 

Failing to hire someone with a license can be dangerous, especially when dealing with electrical and/or plumbing related projects.  One small mistake can be devastating, leading to fires, water damage, or worse.  Additionally, hiring an unlicensed individual or business means you are not getting the security of insurance that comes along with most licenses.  Licensed businesses and individuals are typically required to carry some type of insurance coverage on themselves and their work, meaning you are protected.  Finally, your own insurance policies could be at risk if you hire an unlicensed provider for work on your home.  Homeowners policies can have strict regulations on certain types of work, as can any warranties on your home and/or appliances or parts.  Things like your air conditioner, water heater, etc. usually have warranty coverage, only if you follow the exact stipulations in their policy.  Failing to get someone with the appropriate certification means you could end up paying everything out of pocket.  These reasons, and many more, are why it's necessary to be diligent in researching your chosen contractor or home repair provider.

How can you know you are getting someone qualified for the job?

First, look for those licensing numbers!  Legitimate businesses usually make these prominent on their website and/or business cards, social media platforms, etc. If you don't see them, ask for them. If the business site can't provide you with proof of a license, then you need to find someone else.  Another key component to a qualified contractor is experience.  Ask for references, and if possible, for examples of work completed in the past. Not only does this let you get an idea of what your own space will look like, but it also puts you in touch with valuable opinions from previous clients.  Perhaps the pictures of the contractor's work are beautiful, but the client says the work took longer than expected.  The time frame is something you wouldn't have known from pictures alone . Thus, it's important to get both testimonials AND examples of work from anyone doing projects in and around your home. 

Dickens Plumbing is licensed, insured, and experienced with years of construction, renovation and repair work around the greater Polk County area.  We tackle jobs as simple as replacing appliances to fully restoring old homes, so we can handle whatever task you send our way.  We are more than happy to back up our claims with previously completed projects so you can see what to expect before we even start.  In fact, some of our past jobs are right here on our site, under the "Renovations" page.  Check them out for some before/after shots of work done by Dickens Plumbing.  Give us a call and let's get started on your space.  No need to depend on luck when looking for a contractor, because you've got us! 

You're Going to "Flip Out" Over This Flipped House by Dickens Plumbing!

Dickens Plumbing is proud to present our most recent house-flip project, here in Polk County. This home just needed some TLC and creativity, and it was ready to shine! 

Unique elements like the stone fireplace, the spacious screened-in porch, and the open floor plan through the kitchen and living area made this Winter Haven home a prize catch for some lucky homeowner. We were exited to play a part in its transformation, and hope it brings many years of happiness to its new occupants. 

Enjoy these "after" photos of our work! If you're ready to get your home in shape for the coming summer, give us a call. We handle projects of all sizes, so if you simply need a facelift for your kitchen or bathroom, or want a complete overhaul of your entire home, we've got you covered. Give us a call or contact us here on our site for more information and to set up a quote.

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